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Money doesn’t grow on trees

Money doesn’t grow on trees, it grows in shopping malls and it’s shaped like data

Data is the new oil and for shopping centers, getting in the business of processing offline factual data (to be mixed with online statistical data) means a new and very lucrative revenue stream.      There is a yet untapped income stream lingering in plain sight just beyond reach. All those people generating all that […]

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Why shopping malls in the US are struggling to survive: the blind spots of brick & mortar retailers

Did you know no new shopping malls were built in the US after 2006? Did you know footfall traffic to the shopping mall dropped 50% now versus prior to 2010? And that 30% of all US shopping malls are projected to fall starting this year?   In the last two years there was an acceleration […]

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Early adopter in retail innovation: how to survive in the digital retail era

We all heard about Amazon’s big move, who recently bought Whole Foods stores in the US and opened in less than a year the first cashier-free store in the world: Amazon Go. That shows us the direction Amazon is aiming at. A bold move that will attract other big retailers in revolutionising the supermarket concept […]

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McDonald’s Romania helps mall shoppers find the right burger in the right shopping moment

Shopping malls represent not just the core of retail economics but the heart and soul of communities and a social oasis that provides, first of all, shoppable entertainment. With a passion for constantly bridging the gap between good products and good experiences, McDonald’s Corporation is well aware that a shopping mall’s way to a consumer’s […]

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Banca Comerciala Romana (Erste Group Bank AG) cuts Cost per Lead by 32% with online ads targeting real-world shoppers

BCR (Banca Comerciala Romana), part of Erste Group Bank AG, is the most important financial group in Romania, including companies on the leasing, private pension and housing bank markets. BCR is the most valuable financial brand in Romania, according to level of customer trust and number of clients who mainly bank with BCR. BCR is […]

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NEPI Rockcastle saved 42% of their digital marketing spend by implementing Footprints for Retail

NEPI Rockcastle is the leading property investment and development group in CEE (Central and Eastern Europe). They have an exceptional property portfolio with a dominant position in Romania, occupying 42% of the market. In Europe, they have an approximate 96.5% occupancy rate. At the end of 2018, NEPI Rockcastle had over 5 billion Euros as […]

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