Advanced AI marketing platform for retail properties

Our Predictive Models for campaign automation can instantly decrease your marketing spend and help your marketing team do less, yet more effective work.

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The main advantages you will
get with Footprints

Understand your
shoppers’ behavior

Footprints of shoppers inside your retail property tells more about their current & future needs than any other profiling method.

Predict what your shoppers
want & expect

With AI-enriched profiles you can target your shoppers at the right stage on their customer journey.

Influence shoppers across
marketing channels

Address the right shopper, in the right place, at at the right time with one multichannel platform.

Start with real-time analytics

Ecosystem Analytics

We use Wi-Fi technology, triangulation and device detection to create realtime analytics built on consumption patterns. Footprints for Retail Indoor Location Analytics allows you to count, track and understand unique visitors, their visit duration, in-store paths and other shopper patterns.

Visitors Presence, Preferences & Traffic Performance

In-Store Shopper Movement Tracking & People Habits

Actionable Traffic Insights & Conversion Analysis

Predict your shoppers’ behavior and
influence their buying decisions

Shopper Profiling & Campaign Automation

Deeply understand who your shoppers are and how they interact with your brand in the offline retail environment with the help of indoor location intelligence and behavioral profiling generated by powerful Machine Learning algorithms. Empower your data to help you deliver effective priming, in-store and post-visit digital marketing campaigns. Fully automated and assisted by AI, in order for you to deliver the right message at the right time to the right shoppers.

Integrate your digital marketing ecosystem: mobile apps, websites, SMS, digital signage screens and social media channels

Target audiences based on their offline shopping habits and location data

Access to purchasing habits and digital behavior

Automate sales process

Sales Automation

Bridge the gap between your marketing investment and your offline sales. The solution uses location data and algorithmic automation to improve the quality of your real-world sales efforts and to drive more sales.

Sales force automation, sales agents task management, location tracking, path optimization & leaderboards

Sales predictive algorithms: Cost per Lead, Propensity to Buy, Customer Acquisition Costs

Marketing automation & conversion funnel progress-based remarketing

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