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Hyper-accurate infrastructure-free Indoor Positioning System

We use the indoor ambient connectivity and people movement to create hyper-accurate indoor positioning for commercial buildings.

Hyper-Accurate Indoor Positioning (1-1.5 m)

Infrastructure Free

Quick Deploy & Maintenance

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Our advanced mobile IPS technology is based on triangulation principles and uses:

Ambiental Magnetic Field Data

Dead Reckoning

Your Existing Wi-Fi Infrastructure

BLE Beacons

Hyper-Precise Mobile Position Tracking

Indoor Positioning System (IPS) is a sensor-fusion technology that uses data received by mobile devices sensors to automatically locate crowds inside brick & mortar environments.

To orchestrate a hyper-precise sensor-fusion proprietary IPS technology that can collect your shoppers paths inside your brick & mortar environment and amplify this data with AI.

Shopper Behavior Profiling & Attribution

Our technology uses predictive algorithms that automatically generate complex behavioural profiles & transform these profiles into refined segmented audiences & valuable shopping insights.

We are using data enrichment & audience matching from primary, secondary & third-party data sources.

Machine Learning Predictive Behavior

We use Machine Learning Predictive Behaviour Algorithms to mine data from a variety of online digital ecosystem, correlate it with offline shopping habits, transform it into shopping behavioural insights and monetize it with marketing automation and mobile advertising.

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Get your retail property to become a key player in the digital advertising ecosystem.

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