NEPI Rockcastle is the leading property investment and development group in CEE (Central and Eastern Europe). They have an exceptional property portfolio with a dominant position in Romania, occupying 42% of the market. In Europe, they have an approximate 96.5% occupancy rate. At the end of 2018, NEPI Rockcastle had over 5 billion Euros as value of investment property.

In the first nine months of 2018, the company generated 252 million euros in revenue, with a 4.8% growth compared to the same period in the previous year. Tenant sales have increased by 8.5%, as well as the square meter revenue, which has escalated to 5.3%. Overall, completed and revenue-generating projects reached an impressive 95.9% occupancy rate, and they are still in the process of expending.  (Source)



The goals

As NEPI Rockcastle’s portfolio is on the rise, with an increase of 18% in 2018 (compared to 2017), we set out to implement an expandable investment model that transforms their shopper data into assets that can be monetized.

Our aim was to:

  • Collect shopper data and visualize the outcome as a predictive behavioral model in order to turn more visitors into shoppers in a faster manner, and increase sales in physical retail
  • Use online – offline probabilistic profiling in order to increase the impact of campaigns at lower costs
  • Plan ahead by understanding the relationship between sales and traffic performance when it comes to choosing and (re)locating shopping mall tenants.


The channels

  • Shopping mall Wi-Fi
  • Web
  • Mobile devices
  • Mobile app
  • Footprints for Retail was able to gather over 3 million anonymized shopper data and matched it to their online user data. The user data has been passed with consent to the shopping mall’s advertising & marketing interfaces. This move was made through the already set-up Wi-Fi networks.


The approach

We truly believe that data assets can help you create new streams of revenue and more sustainable business models. We have a vision and we’ve focused on bringing CRM (Customer-Relationship Management), Retail Analytics, LBM (Location-Based Marketing) & Indoor Mobile Advertising together, making a simple all-in-one solution.

Our first steps included in the process were:

– Content and insights automation;

– Digital data assets management;

– Setting up a monetization platform.


  • Footprints for Retail utilize this data and create a substantial real-world shopping behavior segments. This segments can be used for multi-channel advertising having a focus on mobile advertising & omnichannel customer journey targeting.
  • Footprints for Retail collects and analyses data from approximately 60% of all mobile devices that are owned by active shoppers in Romania.
  • Footprints for Retail is a Romanian made intelligence software that empowers retail innovators to reach their customers where it matters. Understanding a shopper’s micro-moments and helping them achieve the “I want to buy moment” in their purchase decision is made by collecting and interpreting behavioral data.


The use of know-how

By using Wi-Fi technology, data triangulation and device detection, we are able to create real-time analytics built on consumption patterns. This means we have the capacity to use data and related resources as soon as they enter the system. Footprints for Retail Indoor Location Analytics allows us to count, track and understand visits, their visit duration, in-store paths and other shopper patterns.


Thanks to this, we can provide up-to-date information about customers, which leads to better and quicker business decisions within minutes. Footprints for Retail Indoor Location Analytics will allow your business to react without delay. Therefore, we can seize opportunities or prevent problems before they happen.


We can understand who the shoppers are and how they interact with the NEPI Rockcastle shopping mall in offline retail environment with the help of Indoor location intelligence, Omnichannel data integration & Machine Learning. We use advanced offline & online behavior data to manage & segment audiences. This way, we will ensure that your content has value, is consistent & relevant.


By using Footprints for Retail, NEPI Rockcastle took big strides to bridging the gap between marketing investment and offline sales. Our solution uses location data and algorithmic automation to improve the quality of their real-world sales efforts and to drive more sales.


Our Location-Based Marketing Automation solution empowers physical retailers and media agencies to turn more visitors into shoppers way faster so that the shopping mall can reap the benefits.


The results

  • We implemented a new model – our solution became a standard across their 44 SHOPPING CENTERS
  • We obtained a 42% SAVING on their marketing spend
  • We allow marketing to go to THE RIGHT AUDIENCE based on what visitors are doing inside their shopping malls