BCR (Banca Comerciala Romana), part of Erste Group Bank AG, is the most important financial group in Romania, including companies on the leasing, private pension and housing bank markets. BCR is the most valuable financial brand in Romania, according to level of customer trust and number of clients who mainly bank with BCR.
BCR is the no. 1 bank in Romania on the cards and banking transactions market.


  • fundamentally reshaping consumer expectations by launching a new range of credit products that are meant to help Romanians improve their Quality of Life
  • shifting the typical financial approach toward useful and entertaining customer experience, since their target audience was people in urban areas, actively interested to improve their life style
  • incorporating value-added elements to identify & reach audiences in particular life stages when spending for quality products and experiences mean an improve in their socio-economic status


Web – Mobile Devices – Mobile Apps


  • BCR approached Footprints for Retail directly as the main supplier in Romania for offline retail shopping behavior data which can be acted upon through advertising
  • Footprints for Retail is the most advanced marketing automation tool for physical retail’s digital transformation. We use Artificial Intelligence and indoor shopping behavior data to act on what your shoppers want and expect in your shopping center.
  • Footprints for Retail innovative technology collects and analyses data from 60% of all mobile devices that are owned by active shoppers in Romania
  • Footprints for Retail uses this data to create real-world shopping behavior segments & use them for multi-channel advertising with a focus on mobile advertising & omnichannel customer journey targeting


The target audience consisted of people in urban areas, with a medium to high life style so our mindset was to first observe and only then apply the strategic prowess. We began looking for life style and life stage segments by using tracking data from all shopping malls we are active in. This was the moment we began to understand our customers by asking the tough questions and applying our Machine Learning to specific clusters of people sharing  common characteristics based on their Affinity Score (>60%) towards various shopping brands and activities.

This new setup gave us the ability to understand what kind of products & services are most relevant for the key life stages of interest for BCR. These high-level behavior audiences were then used as a starting point for shaping lookalike audiences to be found on all channels we had access to: web; mobile devices; apps; digital OOH; Facebook Ads; Google Ads; emails.

Enabling our programmatic capabilities we started targeting specific audiences based on their behavior on the right channel at the right time in their customer journey (at home, at work, inside shopping malls), adding on a solid physical context and at the same time the core component of our campaign.

“It is a huge advantage to sit down from the beginning with the brains behind such an innovative shopping data profiling solution and to setup the very first ad campaign to get our message to precisely those people that we know they really need it based on their physical retail shopping habits. This is in line with our long term purpose, where we look to improve the overall Quality of Life of the Romanian population with very relevant products. This is why Footprints for Retail is a true strategic partner for us where their solution is at the core of our actionable knowledge”
Ionut Stanimir, Director of Marketing & Communications, BCR


  • COST EFFICIENCY: we have obtained a 32% decrease versus their target CPL (historically obtain on traditional online advertising channels) of the Cost per Marketing Qualified Lead for all ads driving traffic and converting on their landing page;
  • increased REACH: we reached approx. 44% of all urban mature active shopping population;
  • higher RELEVANCY: we obtained an average Affinity Score of 78% across all channels which meant a Click-Through Rate of 0.767% (versus 0.4% target value).

On top of all these results, BCR obtained data enrichment to further improve their audience insights for next planning. They now have better insights for the multi-channel, multi-device consumer journey for a better understanding of how to link their future products and campaigns to real-world shopping behaviors.

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