Consultancy Services

Location-Based Marketing Strategy

We have extensive experience across multiple geographies and across a very diversified number of brick & mortar retailers

  • This extensive experience takes the form of very scientific and strict methodologies combined with advanced set of tools and people;
  • We can provide our know-how & solution design methodology as an on-demand service;
  • This service is your assurance for your location-based marketing & automation strategy and deployment to be fully successful and guaranteed by us.

Benefits for your marketing & teams

  • Increase the effectiveness of their location-based marketing deployment efforts;
  • Decrease the time to market their advertising campaigns and shopper engagement;
  • Better predict the performance of such location-based marketing investments with concrete industry benchmarks;
  • Define proper success KPIs and better define the roles and responsibilities around them in order to manage expectations;
  • Receive a concrete SLA that would manage risks and unknowns.
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Location-Based Marketing Solution Set-Up

Our Developers & Project Management team will offer support in API/Tools implementation of brick and mortar ecosystem data.

  • Asses your current marketing & IT infrastructure;
  • We define the right steps to integrate in order to collect customer data in your omnichannel environment;
  • We use our own APIs to deploy fast and in a secure way;
  • We connect our mark automation tools with your existing content channels and open new channels;
  • We customize all our extensions to better align to your brand.

Benefits for your IT teams:

  • Short term turn-around project;
  • Close-to instant availability of specialized resources to set-up a new system;
  • Low cost deployment due to efficiencies regarding the time spent on project assessment.
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Custom Data Science Services

We offer expertise & custom scientific applications for new models of data explorations around:

  • New types of data sources specific to your business;
  • New types of data modelling specific to you;
  • Very extensive data exploration, modelling and algorithms development for high-impact innovative projects;

Benefits for your Customer Intelligence teams:

  • Fast access to data science resources with heavy expertise on location intelligence and indoor-specific sensors;
  • Rapid customization of data models from an extensive library of proprietary algorithms;
  • Professional expertise on location-data specific business problems;
  • Success benchmarks to compare expected results and project KPIs;
  • Cost optimization on a broad range of location data related projects;
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