In accordance with a KPMG report regarding the Retail Trends of 2019 the first trend defined by the international organization is that of “ from we to me”. This means that the retailers use customer data to deliver hyper personalization in order to get a very in-depth understanding of their consumer’s behavior habits. The shopping preferences and behaviors are very dynamic and they change in accordance with age, income, demographic trends or even retail trends and as a retailer, the challenge is to keep up with their needs in order to be accurate in offers and experiences.

As online shopping is perceived as a growing trend, which it is but not as significantly as compared with off line shopping, the off line shopping is still the most significant in terms of time and money spent (87 % of their time people spend indoors while 90% of all shopping happens in indoor retail).

Having all these in mind Footprints for Retail has developed a unique platform that is perfectly adapted for the physical retailers by using Artificial Intelligence technology in order to upgrade the current online targeting capabilities with offline shopping behavioral data.

By collecting offline shopping behavioral data through any Wi-Fi infrastructure in place, applying machine learning to create shopping behavioral patterns and predict off line shopping behavior that results in matching the offline shopping behavior to any advertising data base.

In this manner advertising becomes capable to address the real physical retail objectives:


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Through a fully GDPR compliant technology, we help physical retailers to boost their sales by targeting more precisely their right shoppers on a complete path to purchase, with no extra infrastructure investment.