Footprints for Retail is the most advanced marketing automation tool that enables shopping centers for the first time ever to address audiences based on behavioral data generated within the shopping center. 

In this section, you will find out how you can set up an SMS campaign for your commercial real estate. 

Step 1. Select Campaign Set-Up Section 

Go to the left-hand menu and choose the Campaign Automation / Campaign Set-up button. You will automatically be directed in the Create New Campaign Section. 

1. Choose Campaign Creatives 2

Step 2. Choose your campaign objective

Before everything else you have to select the marketing campaign objective from our pre-set recipes available for your commercial real estate:

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Drive In-Store Traffic
  • Increase Frequency of Visits
  • Increase Visit Duration
  • Drive Loyalty
  • Increase Cross-Shopping
  • Increase Shopper Engagement
  • Increase Event Attendance
  • Generate Marketing Qualified Leads
  • Generate Sales Qualified Leads
  • Measure Visitor Satisfaction

2. Choose your marketing objective 4

Step 3. Name and describe your campaign 

Here you will need to insert the name and a short description of your campaign.

3. Name and Description

Step 4. Choose the campaign period

Here you need to select the period in which you want your campaign to be displayed.

4. Choose your campaign period

From the dropdown list choose the business location for which you are creating the campaign for.

5. Choose your business location 1

Step 6. Fill in the destination URL for your campaign

In this field you must fill in the destination URL of your campaign. This URL will be displayed in the SMS and that means that when clicking on it your users will be directly sent to the landing page you wish to send them to.  The URL will be automatically shortened by our app so you won’t be needing to use another app for this.  

6. Choose the URL

Step 7. Choose the channel/s on which you want your campaign to be delivered.

Here you can choose the SMS channel. You won’t be needing to add a budget to this type of campaign as fees are applicable in accordance with your contract with Footprints for Retail.

7. Choose your channel 1

 Step 8. Don’t forget to Save

In the last step of this section, you have two options: you can either Save the set-up you have made for this campaign and use it later to add the creative assets or you can click on the Save & Go Next button to move on to the following section where you will be adding your creatives. 

8. Save 1