Footprints for Retail is the most advanced marketing automation tool that enables shopping centers for the first time ever to address audiences based on behavioral data generated within the shopping center. 

Within Footprints for Retail you have the possibility to choose from our pre-designed Campaign Automation recipes which are configured to address specific commercial real estate business objectives. You are able to choose from 11 automated marketing recipes.

In this HOW TO section you will find out more about the Generate Sales Leads objective.

Website traffic, number of followers, email subscribers, and brand keywords are all important metrics for your retail business, but nothing can better predict your sales level than leads. If your main advertising goal is to convert sales qualified leads into customers to increase your sales level, you could use a Generate Sales Qualified Leads campaign. This recipe has several common points with the one that generates marketing leads, but there is one major feature which differentiates them: the possibility to promote a certain product through a very specific offer. So, the users that are interested in your offer click on it in order to receive a commercial offer that most probably will convert into a successful sale.

In order to choose this type of objective for your marketing campaign you need to follow two steps:

Step 1. Select Campaign Set-Up Section 

Go to the left-hand menu and choose the Campaign Automation / Campaign Set-up button. You will automatically be directed to the Create New Campaign Section. 

1. Choose campaign Set up 3

Step 2. Choose your campaign objective

From the drop-down list, you have to select the Generate Sales Leads campaign objective.

2 Choose Generate Sales Leads