Footprints for Retail is the most advanced marketing automation tool that enables shopping centers for the first time ever to address audiences based on behavioral data generated within the shopping center. 

Within Footprints for Retail you have the possibility to choose from our pre-designed Campaign Automation recipes which are configured to address specific commercial real estate business objectives. You are able to choose from 11 automated marketing recipes.

In this HOW TO section you will find out more about the Drive In Store Traffic Objective

For the commercial real estate industry, bringing comprehensive shopper presence to your  physical stores is still a key milestone in your marketing efforts and a big opportunity to complete a sale. Now you can go further than attractive window displays and constant online posting in order to drive more traffic to your business. By targeting precise audiences,you can empower your marketing teams with advanced actionable shopper insights while also leveraging it to transform offline shopping into an easy and fun experience for your customers. Footprints for Retail has developed the right campaign recipe that uses advanced algorithms to match indoor shoppers’ behavior data with online advertising audiences, as well as socio-demographic filters to effectively deliver ads to the right shoppers. 

This campaign type is allowing your tenants to send an offer to a specific audience in order to drive more traffic to their store. Furthermore, Footprints for Retail tracks campaign performance and automatically optimizes the results in order to determine the right channels to reach your target audience.

In order to choose this type of objective for your marketing campaign you need to follow two steps:

Step 1. Select Campaign Set-Up Section 

Go to the left hand menu and choose the Campaign Automation / Campaign Set-up button. You will automatically be directed in the Create New Campaign Section. 

1. Choose campaign Set up 6

Step 2. Choose your campaign objective

From the drop down list you have to select the Drive In Store Traffic campaign objective.

2. Choose Drive In Store Traffic Objective