Footprints for Retail is the most advanced marketing automation tool that enables shopping centers for the first time ever to address audiences based on behavioral data generated within the shopping center. 

In this section, you will find out how you can add new campaign creatives for an SMS campaign.

Step 1. Select Campaign Creatives

Go to the left-hand menu and choose the Campaign Automation / Campaign Creatives button. You will automatically be directed to the New Campaign Creatives Section. 

1. Choose Campaign Creatives 3

Step 2. Select a marketing objective

You will need to select from the dropdown list one of the marketing objectives.

2. Choose your marketing objective 5

Step 3. Choose your campaign 

After choosing your marketing objectives the campaigns set up with the respective marketing objectives will be available in the next field. From the dropdown list, you need to choose the campaign for which you want to add the creatives. 

3. Choose your campaign

Step 4. Click on SMS 

Click on SMS to reveal the fields you need to fill in in order to have a complete SMS creative.

4. Click on SMS

Step 5. Fill in your Headline

The first and only field you will need to fill in is the text for your SMS. The text must contain no more than 320 characters including spaces. 

As previously indicated in the How to Set-up an SMS campaign the URL provided there will appear in your preview already shortened by our app. 

5. Fill in the text

Step 6. Don’t forget to Save 

You can click on the Save button down at the end of the section to save your creatives and decide your next steps later or you can Save & Go Next: if you are set with your assets then click on this button down at the end of the section that will automatically lead you to the next section where you will be setting the Automation Flows.

6. Save

Good to know

You won’t be needing to add a budget to this type of campaign as fees are applicable in accordance with your contract with Footprints for Retail.