Footprints for Retail is the most advanced marketing automation tool that enables shopping centers for the first time ever to address audiences based on behavioral data generated within the shopping center. 

In this section, you will find out how you can add new campaign creatives for an Email campaign.

Step 1. Select Campaign Creatives

Go to the left-hand menu and choose the Campaign Automation / Campaign Creatives button. You will automatically be directed to the New Campaign Creatives Section. 

1. Choose Campaign Creatives

Step 2. Select a marketing objective

You will need to select from the drop-down list one of the marketing objectives.

2. Choose your marketing objective 1

Step 3. Choose your campaign 

After choosing your marketing objectives, the campaigns set up with the respective marketing objectives will be available in the next field. From the drop-down list, you need to choose the campaign for which you want to add the creatives. 

3. Choose your campaign

Step 4. Click on EMAILS

Click on EMAILS to reveal the fields you need to fill in in order to have a complete EMAIL creative.

4. Click on email

Step 5. Fill in your Subject

The first step is to fill in the text for your email subject (the subject text that your users will see when they will receive your email). The subject must contain no more than 100 characters including spaces. 

5. Choose your subject

Step 6. Fill in your Preheader

Second, you will need to fill in the text for your preheader (the text that your users will see as a preview of your email). The text must contain no more than 100 characters including spaces. 

6. Choose your preheader

Step 7. Click on Email Builder

Click on the Email Builder button to open the section that allows you to edit your email template and upload your creative assets.

7. Email template builder

Step 8. Email template builder

After the Email template builder window is open you will be able to perform various actions depending on your campaign needs:

  • You can use the template builder automatically generated by Footprints;

8. Use the Footprints template

  • You can use one of the templates you have previously created and saved (if you are at your first email campaign then you will be able to use this feature later on);

8.1 Use from saved templates

  • You can start from scratch with a new template (that you can use for this campaign and that you can also use in your future campaigns)

8.2 Start from scratch 1

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can edit and use the template generated by Footprints. All the steps provided in this tutorial will give you the tools to create your personalized template later on.


Step 9. Start editing the automatically generated template

Step 9.1 Upload images

Double click on the predefined boxes and upload the desired image and click Add. This action must be repeated for each image box contained in the template. 

9. Upload Images

Step 9.2  Link your images

If you wish to link your images you can do that by clicking on the link symbol in the menu revealed after clicking on the image box.  

Step 9.3 Insert your text

9.3 Insert your text

Step 9.4 Edit your text

On the right-hand panel, you have a wide range of possibilities that allow you to edit the text by changing the fonts, their dimensions or their style. Also you can make changes to the box of the text. 

9.4 Edit your text

Step 9.5 Edit your button

By clicking on the button box you can edit the text. 

9.5 Edit the button text

Step 9.6 Insert the link for the button 

Click on the button box and the field where you can insert your link will be revealed on the right-hand panel.

9.6 link the button

 9.7 Remove unnecessary boxes

If there are boxes that you won’t be needing for your template then you can remove them. First, you must click on the unnecessary field and then click on the trash icon or the delete button on your keyboard. 

9.7 Remove unnecessary boxes

9.8 Customize the template 

You can customize the template at any step of the journey depending on your needs and the amount of information you wish to send to your users. 

You must click on the four squares button in the top menu to reveal the block sections from which you can choose whichever is suitable to your needs.

9.8 Customize

9.8.1 Add Video 

If you want to add a video in your email, drag and drop the email block from the right-hand menu and insert the link to the video. 

9.8.1 Add Video 1

9.8.1 Add Image Block

9.8.2 Add Image

9.8.3 Add Text Block

9.8.2 Add Image

9.8.4 Social Links

In this section, you can select the social channels that are relevant to your campaign and update them with your channel’s links.

9.8.4 Social links

Step 10  Check out the preview

By clicking on the eye icon from the top menu a window with the preview of your email will be opened that will allow you to see what your email will look like. 

10 Check the preview

Step 11  Send a test email to see how it looks in your inbox

If you want to see exactly what your user will receive then you can send a test email directly to your inbox.

11 Send a test email

Step 12  Don’t forget to save

You can click on the Save button down at the end of the section to save your creatives and decide your next steps later or you can Save & Go Next: if you are set with your assets then click on this button down at the end of the section that will automatically lead you to the next section where you will be setting the Automation Flows.

12. Save