Predict & influence what your shoppers want

The advanced AI marketing platform for behavioral profiling of physical shoppers, anticipating their next move and improving their customer experience.

We enable your retail properties to boost their performance and create a unique, recurring revenue stream by monetizing their data assets.

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Increased Marketing Efficiency for:

NEPI Rockcastle


more engagement with digital marketing campaigns

Increased Sales Efficiency for:



more footfall traffic for McDonald’s


We enable leading retailers to capitalise on the rise of the AI

Nepi Rockcastle
Sonae Sierra

“Tell me where you are and I’ll tell you what you want”

Physical shopping behavior data, transformed into Indoor Location Intelligence, is the most valuable business asset you can use to reimagine your economic model in relation to brands.

Footprints of shoppers inside your retail property tell us what their current & future needs and expectations are.

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Your retail property without Footprints?

Now you have no insight into what your shoppers really want and expect.

Your retail property with Footprints?

You gather Indoor Location Intelligence and you know what your shoppers want and when they want it.

What results to expect?

More shoppers, more visits, more sales with less costs.


How you will benefit from
Indoor Location Intelligence

Your Retail Property

  • Create a unique and recurring revenue stream
  • Boost your marketing performance and increase the purchasing power of your marketing dollar
  • 5x - 8x more clicks for your campaigns
  • 45% decrease on your marketing operational costs
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Your Tenants

  • Up to 75% increase on shopper basket value with just-before-visit ads
  • Up to 50% growth on frequency of visits inside your shop
  • Reach precisely those shoppers visiting the retail property where you are and most interested in your offer
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Your Shoppers

  • Receive personalized and relevant ads
  • Have a better experience while shopping
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Shopper profiling between walls. How it works?

We mine indoor shopping behavior data in a frictionless manner. We use your existing WiFi & BLE beacons infrastructure. Shoppers’s mobile phones only need to have their WiFi or Bluetooth ON. Complementary, not necessarily, any app can embed our Indoor Positioning technology.

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Our unique AI for offline to online data fusion

Footprints is capable to enrich user profiles with predictions around their indoor shopping behavior for a 30-day forecast

Shopping behavioral data acquisition

Footprints collects behavioral data from offline and online retail environments through ambient connectivity, mobile sensors and advanced web technologies.

Infrastructure agnostic

We take advantage of your current infrastructure:
- no drilling into the walls
- no new devices or softwares needed
- no down times


Our advanced technologies & tech partners

Google Cloud Partner
Google Ads Partner
Microsoft Partner
Apache Airflow

Next-gen marketing

Indoor Location Intelligence is the fuel for next-gen marketing and our disruptive and predictive AI makes the most of it

Indoor positioning &

Shopping behavioral


Marketing Automation.
AI driven, forged by experience, specific to your physical retail.

Our Predictive Models can instantly decrease your marketing spend and help your marketing team do less, yet more effective work.

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Increase Brand Awareness

Drive In-Store Traffic

Increase Cross-Shopping

Increase Visit Duration

Increase Frequency of Visits

Increase Shopper Engagement

Generate Marketing Leads

Generate Sales Leads

Drive Loyalty

Measure Visitor Satisfaction

Increase Event Attendance

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